6 Week Summer Body Challenge 

"It takes approx 66 days to create new habits, which in-turn assists in making new behaviors automatic" (James Clear - Behavioral Psychologist)

Fite 108 Muay Thai wants to assist you challenging your body and mind to achieve your goals.

We will assist you in Making Body Transformation changes

We will work together to increase your metabolism, this is turn assists in burning calories!!

The workouts you do are a combination of kickboxing and weights to help challenge you and your body!!

If you put the work in, we guarantee the results.

Assist in pushing you and training you to your highest limit! Smash out some goals and have lots of fun doing so. We will start with a general fitness test to see your current level and assist in building on this throughout the challenge.

A strong mind assists in achieving your goals... this will be your anchor to the challenge, we will help you with ways to focus, give you tools for everyday day life that will create a healthy happy and balanced life for you


                   The Costs:

Only $49 to reserve your spot, Gloves, Measurements, individual food plan/macro nutritional plan provided

And $40 a week for Unlimited Training!

That works out to be less then $3 per class for 15 classes weekly!

            Our Classes:

6am - Tue & Thurs

7pm - Tues & Thurs (Womens Only)

6pm Mon - Thurs

5.30pm - Fri

9.15am - Mon, Wed & Fri

9am - Sat

Michelle Ellis

Womens Only

"Fite 108 Women's Only Class is always such a epic session. It's everything women want in a work out - You have fun, you feel welcome, the trainers push you hard and you leave feeling great and you can't wait for the next session. It's always different so you never get bored and always a great vibe. I would gladly recommend this to anyone"

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