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The name FITE108 was conceived out of recognition towards two gyms that supported Tim with his training and success. Tim wanted to show his respect and tribute to both of these gyms and created FITE108 as his own identity.

"FITE came about as I had trained for many years at a gym called Fite N Fitness. 108 came from the time I trained with 108Supalek. 108 also means the Traditional Head Peace Mongkon that is worn during the entry of a Muay Thai fight, it has 108 strings and Thai tradition states that they bring you protection". - Tim Drury

FITE108 is all about having fun and getting fit. We pride ourselves on having a FAMILY BASED ATMOSPHERE without ego.

We hold morning classes, evening classes and classes specially for kids. We also train Muay Thai, MMA and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. 

Fite108 is happy to announce that we are now working closely with the NDIS and regularly have clients from various disability services.

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What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is also known as the popular Thai boxing. This ancient Martial Art is known to use stand-up striking. The Martial Art also uses techniques in clinch. Muay Thai is also the national sport in Thailand.

The term Muay Thai was derived from Sanskrit - Mavya and Tai. In English, the name is translated as "The Art of Eight Limbs" and sometimes called "The Science of Eight Limbs". It was called such, due to its use of punches, kicks, elbows and knees when striking. The striking methods use the eight points of contact.

Ancient Thailand's fearless fighters use Muay Thai as an art of self-defense. The martial art is already tested in ancient battle as well as the modern form of self-defense. Thailand's military are also practicing this deadly ancient martial art.

Muay Thai has a different approach in fighting. Its focus is on clinching/grappling whilst using crushing kicks, punches, elbows and knee strikes and aiming to take your opponent down.

Muay Thai is a highly respect Martial Mart. Practitioners are practicing to improve their strength that can take an opponent down in just one blow. It may be a kick or a single punch that can bring an opponent to a knockout.

Whilst practicing Muay Thai at FITE108 we ensure all students understand that RESPECT-DISCIPLINE-HONESTY-INTEGRITY are required in carrying out the ART.

The Muay Thai System at Fite108 comes from Grand-master Toddy. He has created a program that is easy to learn, easy to apply and completely safe. Our authentic Muay Thai program is accredited by the Thai Government as a Black Belt program, allowing you to achieve a rank of Black Belt in Muay Thai. Fite 108 Muay Thai is one of only a few limited schools in Australia to be affiliated with Grand-master Toddy and the Muay Thai International Association (MTIA).

Fite 108 Muay Thai uses stand up striking along with various clinch work (close range fighting). Strikes are numbered and are given meaning with their various applications as an attacking strike and as a defensive strike.

Fite108 Muay Thai system is extremely easy to follow and apply. Students are taught how to correctly defend the face, body and legs as well as a variety of striking techniques. As a student @ Fite 108 Muay Thai you will work with partners on focus pads, Thai pads and on punching bags, if you feel you wish to develop further and put some of the skills into practice – you are able to spar with others, and eventually enter the Fighters Class (if certified – ranked by Instructors). If you wish to compete in the Ring, Head KRU – Gym owner and Promoter Tim Drury, will arrange for you to compete on one of his own Next Generation Promotions, or with another one of his connected promoters.

Private Lessons are recommended for beginner students. Work one on one with the instructor and begin to learn the Muay Thai fundamentals in a class tailored to you. Muay Thai Private Lessons can be booked at times and days that suit your busy schedule.  Call Tim on 0414 611 097 to book.

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