About our Kids Muay Thai Class

Muay Thai Grading levels

Fite108 Kids Muay Thai Classes are designed to be fun and active.  Our professional and dedicated Trainers teach Self Confidence, Focus and Discipline. 


Our classes will teach Children how to defend themselves through controlled kicks, punches and blocking helping them to achieve confidence, self discipline, and goal achievement.

Every 6 months your child(ren) will have the opportunity to achieve their next level status through our grading system.


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Kids after a hard but rewarding class

Kids bowing at the end of class

We take many things into consideration while grading our students but the three main things are:

- Skill

- Experience

- Dedication

The most important thing to us is seeing our students achieve something and gain self confidence.

Bowing to your trainer before and after class is a sign or respect to your Kru (Senior Trainer) as is bowing towards the mats each time you enter or leave the matted area.

See what happens in our Kids Muay Thai Class
What our members say:

Daisey May

"Finally a sport my kids love going to each week.

Confidence building whilst getting fit and learning how to protect themselves.

fantastic trainers and family oriented owners.

my Autistic son is welcomed and special care is given to him with his co-ordination to achieve in the group. Its fun as well and all the kids enjoy it. I love the ethics behind building tolerance and respect for this sport. Couldn't be happier"

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