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Fite108 Kids Muay Thai Classes are designed to be fun and active.  Our professional and dedicated Trainers teach Self Confidence, Focus and Discipline. 


Our classes are for ages 4 - 12 years and will teach Children how to defend themselves through controlled kicks, punches and blocking helping them to achieve confidence, self discipline, and goal achievement.

Every 6 months your child(ren) will have the opportunity to achieve their next level status through our grading system

The kids after a hard but rewarding class
Muay Thai
Grading Levels

We take many things into consideration while grading our students but the three main things are:

- Skill

- Experience

- Dedication

The most important thing to us is seeing our students achieve something and gain self confidence.

Bowing to your trainer before and after class is a sign or respect to your Kru (Senior Trainer) as is bowing towards the mats each time you enter or leave the matted area


Meet the Trainers
Tim and Amy

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