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Amy Corry

Amy is a Mum of two and is entering her 13th year at Fite108.
While she originally started her training for fitness she quickly realised she would like to be assisting others in their training and has progressed through numerous classes learning along the way.
Kru Tim noticed her passion in the gym & asked if she would like to join the instructors team, she most certainly didn’t hesitate & sprung into action immediately!! Developing training plans & classes immediately & assists the other coaches

Amy is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and is currently studying her cert 3 in Fitness and growing as a trainer.
She knows what it takes to train as a fighter & to step in the ring.  Amy has jumped over the ropes & achieved her goal of competing!!

She will support & guide you on your journey no matter what your goal or obstacles!

We at Fite108 work with you together as a TEAM
So come in today for a chat with Amy to discuss your goals

Dave Jales

As a child Dave always had an interest in Martial Arts, and did Karate and Hapkido for a few years. At the age of 17, Dave found lifestyle distractions surrounding him that steered him away from any combat sports or training.


At age 30 – Dave re Found his Passion and Devotion to the sport of MUAY THAI.


Dave walked in to INRG Seven Hills, initially wanting to do MMA Training. Dave was inspired and motivated by Ajarn Erick Bayot, to start his journey with Muay Thai training. Dave has not looked back and trained with Erick for around 6 years.


After Dave moved to the Central Coast, a few years apart from training he found Fite108 Muay Thai, and has been training under Kru Tim Drury for around 5 years. During this time, Dave has trained to become a fighter and has stepped over the ropes and competed.


Dave is always about self-improvement and continues to gain personal training sessions in Muay Thai from a variety of Thai Trainers. 


Dave has Trained to Thailand on many occasions to gain skills and continue to learn from the founders and Masters of the Traditional Art of Eight Limbs.


Kru Tim, has noticed Dave’s skills and ability, and has added him to TEAM Fite108 Instructors, Dave loves passing on his skills and passion to others.

Dave Jales

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Wayne Cummins

Wayne is a certified fitness instructor and has worked in the Fitness Industry for many years.

As a Father of 4 he is experienced with children and is committed to helping them achieve confidence and self discipline.

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