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Lyn Hibberd

Jason Milligan

Brent Hibberd

Peter Berry



Connor Bowers

Fite108 absolutely has something for everyone. Whether you are just looking to get fit and learn more about martial arts, looking for a warm and welcoming community or have aspirations to hop in the ring yourself as a serious fighter. The coaching staff shares a wealth of experience and will guide you on your journey. I have trained here for over 6 years and learned so much, about martial arts and about myself. The community here has given me so much and now I am humbled to have the opportunity to give back to the community as a trainer myself. I hope to introduce a unique blend of training with my knowledge of mobility, strength & conditioning, wrestling & BJJ, as well as some softer arts like meditation, breathwork and Gi Gong. If you have ever thought about trying this place out, I encourage you to take the leap, you won’t regret it!


Mitch Buttifant

Great gym to start your Muay Thai/ boxing journey. I was looking for something new to get my fitness levels back as my training was getting a bit stale n was lacking motivation. I have regained that since beginning at Fite108. Tim and the crew are awesome bending over backwards to help in every way possible. Highly recommend Fite108

Tyler Crump

I train General Muay Thai, heard about Fite108 by word of mouth! I’ve been training at Fite108 for over a year now and I love that every training lesson is always a new challenge ive achieved my fitness goals and gained self defence knowledge! And I highly recommend everyone go to train at Fite108 as the coaches are awesome and motivating and help you achieve your best!!

Nicole Kitching

I joined the women's only class in October and can't thank the trainers  enough for support and encouragement. The women who are in the group are amazing! it is fun and hard work. Everyone that attends do not judge only encourage and inspire you

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