Fite108 Muay Thai/Boxing & MMA

"Success comes in a CAN not a CAN'T"


About Fite108

Fite108 is operated out of two gyms - one in Morisset and one in Tuggerah.

Both gyms are run by dedicated and supportive trainers and staff who love what they do.

Fite108 has membership options to suit everyone and a no lock in contract policy.


Fite108 Tuggerah


Tim Drury

Owner of Fite108 Tuggerah and Morisset


  • Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness

  • Group Fitness Trainer

  • Personal Trainer

  • Registered Fitness Professional

  • Certificate in motivation

          Tim has competed in:

  • Martial Arts

  • Professional Boxing

  • Kickboxing

  • Muay Thai


Tim’s interest in kickboxing started at the age of 14 and played a vital role in in his life keeping him focused and on track and steering him away from going down the wrong path.

He put 100% in to his training which has helped shaped who he is today.

Tim has travelled to Thailand where he trained and acquired first hand knowledge and skills from the founders of the sport.

In addition to that, Tim has had numerous successful fights in many countries where he fought for Professional State, Aus, South Pacific, Commonwealth, Intercontinental and World Titles.

Tim was previously a Fitness Instructor at the NSW Police Academy Goulburn and now trains novices through to professional Combat Sports Athletes and offers Personal Training Services.

The discipline and commitment that has come with competing and training in Martial Arts has also contributed to his career achievements, such as becoming a Police Officer, Youth Liaison Officer, and a Child Protection Specialist.

Tim believes that with the right direction and support, anyone can achieve.


Andy Sulfaro

Owner of Fite108 Morisset


Andy is 49 and a father of 3.

His passion for Martial Arts started as a teenager where he studied the arts of Karate and Hapkido.

He progressed on to learn Boxing and Kickboxing and most recently – Muay Thai.

Andy completed and continues to master his skills in these fields and even spent time within an authentic Muay Thai Gym in Thailand (Ruthless Gym Thailand)

After gaining experience and a passion for these arts, he wanted to share his skills and pass his knowledge on to students.

He joined the team at Fite108 Muay Thai/Boxing and MMA at Tuggerah in 2015, where he continued to learn extensive skills of Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai under the head trainer and owner – Tim Drury.

Andy has progressed to an assistant trainer where he continues to develop all the skills necessary.

He is super motivated and passionate about bringing out the ‘BEST’ in all, no matter what the goal is.

This is why he has decided to team up with Tim Drury and open up the well respected name of ‘Fite108 Muay Thai’ in Morisset.

Andy endorses and has often volunteered and will continue to support the RUOK and Mission Australia Charities.

“I look forward to the opportunity in helping you develop your goals, greeting you in person and welcoming you to a family based atmosphere at Fite108 Muay Thai Morisset”

Fite108 Morisset