Tim Drury

Let me tell you a bit about myself, how I started in this sport, my achievements to date and where I am headed in the future.  

My interest in kickboxing started when I commenced martial arts (Kung Fu) at the age of 14.  I trained in this discipline for quite a few years, finding the discipline to commit to the challenge.  At this time of my life, martial arts played a vital role; there were many different influences and distractions growing up and I found that Martial Arts/Kickboxing was always there for me. 

I put 100% into my training and disciplined myself and steered away from the bad path down which some of my friends where venturing.  This grounding in training and discipline has helped to shape me into the person I am today, without it I don’t know where I would be.  The discipline and commitment that has come with competing and training in my chosen sport has also contributed to my career achievements, such as becoming a Police Officer, Youth Liaison Officer, and now a child protection specialist. I believe that with the right direction and support anyone can achieve.

In 2003 I became a professional athlete; with your support and assistance, I aim to be the best I can be.  Whatever I achieve will go back into the youth and the local community, once I succeed to where I want to be, I will retire and focus on the up and coming youth, giving guidance and support to others to keep them on the right track and help them to achieve as I have.

FIGHT RECORD                             


52 Fights | 40 Wins | 12 Losses                     














14 August 2010           

26 September 2009   

28 April 2009              

10 March 2006            

23 April 2006              

12 November 2005     


22 November 2003     

21 March 2003           

19 July 2002               

24 November 2001    

25 August 2001          

26 May 2001               

16 March 2001           

14 November 1999





ISKA World Champion | Nowra Entertainment Centre

WKBF World Title

WKA World Title

Golden Belt - Intercontinental | Newark Showground - England

WKA South Pacific Professional Kickboxing Title | Castle Hill RSL Club

WKA South Pacific Professional Kickboxing Title | Castle Hill RSL Club

WKA Australian Professional Kickboxing Title | Castle Hill RSL Club

Boxing Association Northern Region Welter Weight Title | Central Coast Leagues Club, Gosford

WKA South Pacific Kickboxing Title | Wyong Leagues Club

ISKA Commonwealth Kickboxing Title | Wyong Leagues Club

WKA Australian Kickboxing Title | Castle Hill RSL Club

WKA NSW State Kickboxing Title | Castle Hill RSL Club

ISKA Australian Kickboxing Title | Dee Why RSL Club

ISKA Australian Kickboxing Title | Newcastle Entertainment Club

ISKA East Coast Kickboxing Title | Wyong Memorial Hall




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