The Team with Kru Tim after a fitness class

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FITE108  is about flexible training, hard work, and having fun.


Egos are checked at the door and all that's left is hard work, respect, and a close knit environment among those who train with us.


We know your time is valuable, so we work on an open schedule. Our quality trainers and champion fighters are there to guide you through your training throughout the day. Whether your goal is to fight professionally or you just want to get into shape FITE108 has you covered.


Our General Muay Thai classes are great for everyone, whether you are looking to get fit, make friends or learn self defence.

We cater for beginners right through to fighters.

See what happens in our General Muay Thai Class
What our members say:

Ben Brial

I'm only new to Fite 108, but already I feel at home in this gym, with friendly knowledgeable instructors and members right up to awesome customer service from the owner Tim.
I'm part of the the General Muay Thai class and do both 6am and 6pm, these classes have helped me greatly with technique and motivation, so much so, that I signed up my 10yr old daughter for her first class yesterday and she loved it.
I found Fite 108 through an internet search and the timetable looked to line up well with my time poor life, as well as my wife also knew about this gym, and recommended it from my shortlist.
At Fite 108 I enjoy all aspects of the training, between grappling, striking, conditioning and core work. There's nothing I haven't enjoyed doing.
In the short time I have trained at fight 108
I have achieved better technique, a broader knowledge of what moves to used to set up the next movement and better ways to counter move against an opponent.
I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a new sport, focus, motivation, fitness and confidence.
This gym as a whole has 💯 of my true respect

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